strategies available for backing-up an Oracle database

 The following methods are valid for backing-up an Oracle database:

  • Export/Import – Exports are “logical” database backups in that they extract logical definitions and data from the database to a file. See the Import/ Export FAQ for more details.
  • Cold or Off-line Backups – Shut the database down and backup up ALL data, log, and control files.
  • Hot or On-line Backups – If the database is available and in ARCHIVELOG mode, set the tablespaces into backup mode and backup their files. Also remember to backup the control files and archived redo log files.
  • RMAN Backups – While the database is off-line or on-line, use the “rman” utility to backup the database.

It is advisable to use more than one of these methods to backup your database. For example, if you choose to do on-line database backups, also cover yourself by doing database exports. Also test ALL backup and recovery scenarios carefully. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Regardless of your strategy, also remember to backup all required software libraries, parameter files, password files, etc. If your database is in ARCHIVELOG mode, you also need to backup archived log files.

for more visit Oracle FAQ


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