Memcache – Notes

1. Memcache is a in memory cache used by many web sites to boost performance.

2. memcache url –

3. memcache java clinet –

4. How to start memcache : ~ $ /perflab/memcached-1.4.1/memcached -p <portnumber> -u <username> -m <memory capacity in GB>

5. To connect to memcache and issue commands :

a. $ telnet <port number> ( to connect to memcache from the host machine )

b. stats ( gives stats )/ flush_all ( flushes all data in memcache )

6. Simple Memcache Client code snippet  : This creates a client which can be used to call memcache commands and get and set info

MemcachedClient c= new MemcachedClient(new InetSocketAddress(“”, 10151));

references :


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