How to Print Variables in JMeter

I often find myself looking for this, though i very well know it. Its very useful to print variables in a Post Processor Bean shell in Jmeter, while you are developing / debugging your script. Specially when you are using variables that are picked up from CSV files. So here is a the 2 lines you use in a Beanshell to print the variables in Jmeter.

String auth = vars.get(“oauth_token”);
System.out.println(” AUTH Token = ” + auth);




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2 responses to “How to Print Variables in JMeter

  1. Paras

    String STR=vars.get(“qwerty”);
    File file = new File(“D:\\TestImages\\images_to_upload\\paras.JPG”);

    I am not able to pass value of “paras” at the file path,how to do so.Though when printed ${paras} outside in the thread group, the value does get parsed

  2. erez

    temp = vars.get(“qwerty”);

    FileWriter fstream = new FileWriter(“C://tex.txt”,true);
    BufferedWriter out = new BufferedWriter(fstream);
    out.write(temp + “\n”);

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