Web Performance @ Google

Performance team @ a Company 

  • Kernel, Networking, Infrastructure, Chrome, Mobile…
  • Research & drive performance web standards (W3C, etc)
  • Build open source tools, contribute to existing projects
  • Optimize Company/Product, optimize the web

What we do – 

1. The problem…
○ Trends on the web
○ Networking in the browser (HTTP, and beyond)
○ Mobile networks
2. Browser architecture under the hood…
○ Measuring performance
○ Networking, DOM, Rendering, HW acceleration
3. Best practices, with context…
○ Optimizing load time
○ Optimizing apps (FPS, memory, etc)
○ Automating optimization…


reference – http://www.igvita.com/slides/2012/webperf-crash-course.pdf

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