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The Core of Microprocessors

Most modern computers today operate with multiple processors and the processor in-turn have multiple cores. Below is a breakdown of the architecture of a modern computer / processor. I took these notes so that it’s easy for me to understand and I hope it helps others.

Motherboards have  sockets that can fit Microprocessors  ( usually 2 )

Each Microprocessor has multiple computing components, which are actual independent central processing units also known as “Cores” ( usually 6 per socket ) . These cores share some computing functions like floating point calculations, while performing integer calculations independently.

Intel introduced the concept of Hyper-Threading. For each processor core that is physically present, the operating system addresses two virtual or logical cores, and shares the workload between them when possible.  ( usually there are 2 Hyper-Threads per core ).

When you issue the command like “procinfo” to list the number of CPU’s in a server (Linux/Unix ) . The number of CPU might be misleading as the command identifies each Hyper-Thread as a core. Hence A server with 2 sockets and 6 core processor in each socket will be reported to have 24 CPU’s. This is correct from OS perspective as OS treats each Hyper-Thread as a CPU.

Depending on the hardware architecture there can be multiple levels of caches based. The block diagram below describes the association of cache/memory  to processing units in a server.




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