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Testing Websites on Webpage test

1. Open your website with logged in experience. Look at network waterfall, copy text of cookie from the base page request headers.
2. Save the following as a file (update it to use your assigned website instead of
tr ‘;’ ‘\n’ | awk ‘{print “setCookie\t\t”, $1}’;
echo “navigate
3. In shell, run:
echo “<copied cookie from step 1>” | sh
4. Copy output and paste in the script section of, make sure you mark script is sensitive, then run the test

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Test DOC


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Articles & Nouns

Using Articles : 

The evolution of man / The book is about evolution ( use article “the” when you are referring to something specific, like the water in sonoma creek, but when you refer to water in “water is an essential part of life and air is too, but the air in LA is bad )

Articles & Singular Nouns : 

  • A pencil contains lead 
  • I need a Pencil 
  • The Pencil on that desk is Jim’s 
  • My Pencil is on that desk  ( is better than ) The Pencil on that desk is mine 

Articles & Plural Nouns :

You don’t need to use articles at all when you have plurals, except for specific objects  

  • Pencils contain lead 
  • Bob has some pencils in the pocket 
  • The pencils on that desk is Jim’s 
  • Bananas are yellow ( is better than A Banana is yellow )

Articles & NonCount Nouns : 

  • I like music / The music is too loud 
  • I would like to have some water 
  • Food is good for you / The Food in this bowl is good for you 

Note : You can’t use many for non-counts 

Examples : Food, Water , Furniture, Luggage, air 

Some of the usage of Non-Count Nouns 

  • Knowledge is power 
  • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder 
  • How these things came into “the” picture 

Where ever you use quantity to describe you use plural or singular based on context 

  • A Child that is 2 years old 
  • He is a 2 year old child 
  • My son is a 2 year old or My son is 2 years old 

Article & Idioms : 

They have a “Hard TIme”  ( you usually use an article based on the context , but you always use an article for Idioms ) – Idioms can’t be literally understood 

Ex Idiom – Monkeys are able to tell the difference 

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3 knobs you should know in redhat transparent hugepage

There are 3 knobs  in redhat_transparent_hugepage/ in the order of effectiveness

  • enabled   – this is the main knob. Setting as disable will disable THP entirely.
  • defrag – THP is on. If disabled, no defrag by application thread. See note (1) below.
  • khugepaged/defrag – THP is on. If disabled, no defrag by kernel thread khugepaged. See note (2) below

 Note that defrag can happen in 2 scenarios:

  1. When application thread needs memory, it traps into kernel and tries to allocate huge page. If defrag is on, the process will try to coalescent small pages into large pages. (This is what Espresso ran into and the Hadoop blog describes)
  2. THP also has a khugepaged that tries to defrag in the background (so that more huge pages are avail and application thread defrags less frequently).

Thus echo “disable” to “enabled” is sufficient. 

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BeanShell Assertion in Jmeter

Below is a quick example of Assertion using BeanShell in Jmeter –

if (ResponseCode != null && ResponseCode.equals ("200") == false )
// this is standard stuff
Failure=true ;
FailureMessage ="Response code was not a 200 response code it was " + ResponseCode + "." ;
print ( "the return code is " + ResponseCode);   // this goes to stdout
log.warn( "the return code is " + ResponseCode); // this goes to the JMeter log file
} else {
String body= new String(ResponseData);
Failure= true ;
FailureMessage = "expected pagekey-abook_imported_contacts_to_invite != " + vars.get("pagekey");
print("DisplayImportedContacts failed for ticketId=" + vars.get("polling_id"));
log.warn("DisplayImportedContacts failed for ticketId=" + vars.get("polling_id"));

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Web Performance @ Google

Performance team @ a Company 

  • Kernel, Networking, Infrastructure, Chrome, Mobile…
  • Research & drive performance web standards (W3C, etc)
  • Build open source tools, contribute to existing projects
  • Optimize Company/Product, optimize the web

What we do – 

1. The problem…
○ Trends on the web
○ Networking in the browser (HTTP, and beyond)
○ Mobile networks
2. Browser architecture under the hood…
○ Measuring performance
○ Networking, DOM, Rendering, HW acceleration
3. Best practices, with context…
○ Optimizing load time
○ Optimizing apps (FPS, memory, etc)
○ Automating optimization…


reference –

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Safe Licenses in the Open Source World

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