Refactoring is a very interesting topic and useflu in most projects, as more often then not we have code inherited from legacy. is a good site with lots of resources and suggested Books and materials online

Hibernate Links

Using Hibernate in JBOSS – A Guide

Hibernate Annotations – Reference Guide

– Hibernate Reference Documentation

– Hobernate Java Doc

EJB Online Tutorials

An Article on Design Principles –


ANT Corer


Eclipse Corner

CVS Plugin For Eclipse


Cyper Source – Single Soln for E-Commerce Payments

Java and J2EE Interview Questions

Prof’s Priya’s Class on Fault-Tolerant Distributed Systems – @ Carnegie Mellon

Java Perf Monitoring

Su Blogs on Perf Monitoring

JBOSS Architect’s Library

J2EE COre Pattern Catalog

Search and Search Marketing


Java Class Loading

EJB Servers

Ruby Corner



RubyForums – Ruby on Rails Focus

Ruby-Lang – General Ruby updates and Blogs

Free Ruby eBook

David Heinemeir Hansson – Rails Founder Developer ( – A Craftsmen not an Engineer ( Ruby is Half Art and Half Science )

Ruby Learning

Hadoop Corner



Tomcat Corner


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